Our Mission

Our Mission

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation’s (SFF’s) core mission is defined in our organisational objectives — these reflect what we are seeking to achieve for our members.

Fifty years on from its formation in 1973, the original aims of SFF remain core to what we do now but have also been updated to reflect the opportunities, challenges and priorities that the industry currently faces. Fishing has changed greatly over those five decades, and so have the issues that we are dealing with. There is, quite rightly, a far higher focus on safety in the industry; much more work to do on how fishing operates within a busier and more crowded marine environment and with greater knowledge of fisheries science; and more complex issues related to fisheries management.

Ours is a highly regulated sector — and so much of SFF’s work involves working with a range of government departments and agencies, both here in Scotland and at the wider UK level. We want the public to feel confident that the fish and shellfish our members catch for them to consume is sustainable and from well-managed fisheries.



Scottish Fishermen’s Federation is focused on:

Working to improve the perception of the fishing industry, attracting new entrants and ensuring professional standards of training and safety.

Since 1973

Working Groups

The SFF executive committee oversees a number of specialist working groups.

Current Working Groups:

— Marine Spatial Planning

— Marine Safety, Training & Welfare

— Sustainable Fisheries

— Non-Quota Species

— Coastal States

Get in Touch

For specific enquiries about the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation or press requests, email us at sff@sff.co.uk

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