Safety, Welfare & Training

Safety, Welfare and Training

Marine Safety, Training and Welfare is very much focused and centred around fishermen — their personal safety, training requirements and supporting their welfare needs.

Creating and maintaining a safe space to work on is key for a fisherman’s safety and long-term wellbeing. While maintaining the ethos of “fishermen first”, SFF’s three main areas are distinct but very much joined up:


Aquaculture Entanglement

Over the years many fishermen have become entangled in items in around areas of aquaculture activity. In some cases the entanglement has caused serious incidents and mechanical damage to the boat. The Aquaculture Entanglement Form provides fishermen the opportunity to report any such cases so that evidence can be gathered to aid better dialogue between the industries.

Download Aquaculture Entanglement Form

Since its inception, SFF has played a key part in the UK Fishing Industry Safety Group (FISG).

This group is made up of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and industry bodies and creates a safe place to debate all aspects of fishing safety. One of the recent key workstreams of this group has been Home and Dry — a dedicated website that provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for fishermen to find information on all things related to safety and training. The FISG partners manage the website for the benefit of all UK fishermen. For up to date guidance with helpful videos, templates, etc. please visit the Home and Dry website.

Another organisation that SFF works closely with — especially around fishermen’s training — is Seafish. Their dedicated team not only provides individual assistance to fishermen but also plays a huge role in supporting the wider UK network that provides training opportunities to fishermen. For information on the services Seafish can assist with, please visit the Seafish website.

Sadly, despite an ongoing focus on safety, welfare and training, accidents and fatalities do still occur in our fishing industry. Over the last 10 years, however, huge strides have been made to improve all aspects of fishing safety. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) is an organisation that SFF remains committed to working with to help us learn from accidents and incidents. The MAIB provides in-depth reports of accidents that it investigates and these reports can be accessed from the MAIB website.

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