Our Charity

The Scottish Fishermen's Trust

Our charitable objectives help us to respect the past and protect the future.

Generations of fishers have made their living from our productive waters, providing a valuable supply of protein. We want to encourage good stewardship to guarantee that future generations also benefit from a healthy, renewable resource, and we also recognise the rich culture and heritage embedded in our coastal communities.

It is in our interests to ensure that today’s fishers are highly skilled and well-informed to go about their business in a safe and sustainable manner. We also need to ensure that scientific assessment of stocks is based on good data in order that fisheries managers are well informed and that we promote good practice that respects the wider marine environment.

These are some of the reasons why, in 2000, SFF established the Scottish Fishermen’s Trust, a registered charity. Since then, awards exceeding £1.1m have been made to projects within the objects of the Trust, funded primarily by donations from S.F.F. Services Limited.


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The Scottish Fishermen’s Trust has a number of key objectives

Awards exceeding £1.1m have been made to projects within the objectives of the Trust, funded primarily by donations from SFF Services Ltd

The Scottish Fishermen's Trust ~ Since 2000

Training Support Grants

Active fishers pursuing a long-term career in the industry can apply for a grant to support them through non-mandatory training courses such as Deck Officer (Fishing Vessel) Class 1 & 2 and Engineer Officer (Fishing Vessel) Class 1 & 2 Certificates of Competency. Training Support Grant enquiries should be directed to the Company Secretary

Other Grant Support

Support for all other projects and initiatives comes from the Trust’s General Fund. Enquirers should contact the Company Secretary to explain their project and the sum they wish to apply for. The Company Secretary can give general advice on eligibility and deadlines and also provide the appropriate application forms and guidance for completion.

Apply for Funding

The deadlines for applications to be received for consideration at forthcoming meetings are:

11 JULY 2024


For guidance and application forms for funding, please get in touch.

Derek Duthie

Company Secretary
Derek Duthie
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