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Politicians from across the aisles pledge to protect fishing
Politicians from across the aisles pledge to protect fishing
Fishermen bid to reel in political support
Fishermen bid to reel in political support
Exhibition captures the pride within Scotland’s fishing sector
Individuals from across the industry profiled in major visual project
Dr Paul Macdonald
Senior Fisheries Analyst, Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation
Elena Balestri
Senior Fisheries Policy and Science Manager, Scottish Fishermen’s Federation
Willie John McLean
Skipper, Shellfish vessel
Adam Robertson
Skipper, shellfish vessel
Statement on international fisheries agreements for 2024
Scottish fishermen have broadly welcomed the first results from a series of international deals that set out their fishing opportunities and TACs (total allowable catches...
Skippers urge no 'back door' option for HPMAs
SKIPPERS throughout Scotland are urging policymakers not to push through highly protected marine areas [HPMAs] “by the back door” after the publication of the consultatio...
50th Anniversary Yearbook
A short history of the first half century of Scotland's leading fisheries organisation, published in November 2023 to mark the anniversary.
Nine in Ten Scots Support Protecting Fishing Fleets
An overwhelming majority of Scots believe fishing fleets should be safeguarded as seas become more crowded with the emergence of offshore wind and renewables, according t...
Spatial Squeeze Report
A report considering the loss of fishing ground, and spatial squeeze regarding other uses such as offshore wind and marine protected areas.
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