The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation was a founder member of the U.K. Fisheries Offshore Oil and Gas Legacy Trust Fund (FLTC) along with the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) and Oil and Gas UK (OGUK).

Chief Executive Officer, Elspeth Macdonald, represents SFF on the board of trustees of the charity which has appointed an independent chairman, Charles Scott. SFF provides the secretarial and book-keeping support to FLTC.  Derek Duthie is company secretary.

For further information on FLTC and its work, please visit their website.

FLTC’s activities include or may include:

  • Collecting decommissioning payments

  • Managing an Endowment Fund

  • Inter-industry issues management – engagement in inter-industry issues involving the oil and gas and fishing industries for example issues concerned with health and safety or environmental aspects of marine operations, including operational guidelines and practical responses to government concerns

  • Research and development – activities to enhance the safety of fishermen in UK waters by reducing the risk of loss as a result of Legacy Issues, in particular funding studies or other projects


FLTC is dedicated to the safe fishing of fishermen in UK waters and provides information about oil and gas related surface and subsea structures in five languages through the website of its subsidiary company FLTCS Services which can be found at the fishsafe website

FLTC Services has successfully trialled and tested a new FishSAFE for use by fishing vessels. For further information on the unit and how to buy one please visit the website.