Fishing Vessel Agents & Owners Association


For very many years the companies now in membership of the Association had been members of the salesmen’s sections of the Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association Ltd and the Scottish Whitefish Producers Association Ltd. For practical purposes the ‘Salesmen’ operated a joint salesmen’s section as a constituent of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation.

In the early 1990’s however a number of companies began to feel that their interests and views would be more distinctly represented by the formation of a new association and this led to the incorporation of Fishsalesmen’s Association (Scotland) Ltd on 13 August 1993. The Association is therefore one of the youngest constituent of the Federation albeit its members have an earlier history of activity within the SFF and in the Scottish fishing industry at large.

The companies in membership of the Association have been part of the fishing industry for many years going back in most cases to before the second World War and indeed the antecedents of some of the members can be traced back over 100 years. The names of these companies have therefore been well known in the Scottish fishing communities and beyond. Investments in fishing vessels by these companies have generally been in partnership with active fishermen and these arrangements have admirably suited the structure of the Scottish industry and have stood the test of time. This is in measure may be due to the fact that many of the companies were founded by individuals who themselves had been active fishermen and succeeding generations of managers have been people enjoying long connections with the industry and with a commitment to its future.

Out of that history has evolved the distinct contribution of the Association combining a strong ethos of fellowship with fishermen and their interests, with financial and commercial realism. Perhaps the Associations name was not the best choice, because it gives the entirely false impression of a number of Organisations who ‘just sell fish’. The reality is that these Organisations have major investments not only in the catching sector but in other sectors of the fishing industry. The diversity and scale of investment and activity enables our members to bring a breadth of experience and knowledge to the counsels of the Association and the Federation.

Current members of the Association are Caley Fisheries Limited, Denholm Fishselling LImited, Don Fishing Company Limited, Peter & J Johnstone Limited, LHD Limited, Westward Fishing Company and between they agent some 330 vessels with shareholdings in some 130 of these. The Association is proud to be a member of the Federation and thus to play its part in defending and promoting the interests of the Scottish fishing industry.

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Bill McKenzieChairman
Don Fishing Company Limited
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