Aquaculture Entanglement

Over the years at several SFF safety committee meetings the issue around fishing vessels and entanglements with aquaculture site equipment has been discussed.  Recently these interactions appear to be more frequent and widespread.  The issue has also been highlighted at the Scottish Fishing Safety Group.  It has therefore been decided to give fishermen the opportunity to report any incidents by using the options provided below.  It is hoped that the information collected will help build up a picture of the extent of the issue across Scotland.  SFF will then seek to work with all interested parties to find solutions that will improve the safety of those fishermen who fish around these sites.

Please complete the Aquaculture Entanglement Report Form by using the below pdf or online form

 Aquaculture Entanglement Report Form pdf and email to

Aquaculture Entanglement Report Form Online


For any guidance on completing the forms please contact: