Fishermen’s leaders today urged MSPs to support the industry as it seeks a better deal for Scotland’s coastal communities in the post-Brexit era.

In a message to Scotland’s parliamentarians, SFF chief executive Bertie Armstrong said: “As you know, the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation is seeking cross-party support for a better future for Scotland’s world-class, sustainable seafood industry, not only in the General Election but as the country enters the difficult Brexit negotiations.

“The UK’s exit from the EU will free the industry from the straitjacket of the Common Fisheries Policy, which is a disastrous way to manage a national natural resource, and help to regenerate our coastal communities.

“We have asked #GE2017 candidates to sign our Pledge and we hope that if you are standing that you will look closely at it and sign. If you are not standing, we hope that you will support the aims of working fishing families up and down our coastline.”