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The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) is an industry organisation set up in 1973 to preserve and protect the interests of the fishermen within the membership of its Constituent Associations.

Five decades on from our formation, much has changed in Scotland’s fishing sector and the environment that it operates in — but the work of SFF continues, and our objective is to help the industry be well positioned for the decades ahead.

SFF represents fishermen working in all of Scotland’s main commercial fisheries – for whitefish, pelagic and shellfish species – and vessels within the membership of our constituent Associations range from small inshore vessels to large offshore trawlers, reflective of the wide range of fishing activities in Scottish waters.

We are based in Aberdeen, but our Constituent Associations are spread across much of Scotland’s coastline.


The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation is focused on:

Our Members

SFF has eight Constituent Associations — some of these bodies have memberships drawn from a particular geographical area, while others represent specific fisheries. Together, they cover all fleet segments and all of the main Scottish fisheries.

2024 Industry Trends and Attitudes

Discover the truth about Scotland's fishing industry in this new report.

For too long, the vital role of fishing in providing healthy, sustainable food has been drowned out by misinformation and misunderstandings. Despite facing existential threats from environmental campaigners and the proliferation of offshore windfarms, the Scottish fishing industry remains resilient and confident in its future.

With over 70% of Scotland's key commercial fish stocks being fished sustainably – the highest level in over 30 years – it shines a light on the industry's focus on sustainability and highlights its low carbon footprint. This report reveals how wild-caught Scottish seafood is a climate-friendly, nutritious food source that could help feed our nation and beyond.

Following on from the 'Pride in the Seas' exhibition which celebrated the stories of the people behind the fishing fleets; this must-read report aims to set the record straight on the realities facing one of Scotland's most important indigenous industries, and shows strong support for it from the Scottish public.

Read the report today, and join the call for policymakers to secure a sustainable future for this defining part of our national identity.

Associated Organisations

Subsidiaries of the Scottish Fishermen's Federation; SFF Services and Marine Environmental Solutions provide a range of vessel, personnel and environmental services to the offshore energy industries – oil and gas, offshore renewables, subsea cabling, decommissioning, and telecoms.

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