Responding to the publication today of the UK Government’s Great Repeal Bill, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation Bertie Armstrong said: “As far as fisheries are concerned, the Great Repeal Bill is the first legislative step towards full UK control and management of its own waters.

“That control and management cannot be obtained without the removal of certain core elements of the Common Fisheries Policy, particularly common access to our fishing grounds and guaranteed shares of fishing opportunities within our Exclusive Economic Zone.

“Such provisions would directly contradict the notion of sovereignty and cannot be transferred to UK law, even on a temporary basis. Other elements of the CFP are simply unworkable in their present form and will require modification, notably the landings obligation.

“The UK intends to assert its right under international law to reserve first call on fishing opportunities for its own fishing fleets and communities, for the wider benefit of British jobs and investment. The constitutional arrangements within the UK for achieving these objectives should be determined with regard to the interests of our fishing communities rather than political expediency.”