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Scottish Fishermen’s Federation comment on provisional landing figures for 2014

Commenting on the provisional statistics published today (14 May) by Scotland’s Chief Statistician that the overall quayside value of sea fish and shellfish landed by Scottish vessels in 2014 increased by 19 per cent and the volume by 31 per cent, Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, said: “Whilst we welcome the [...]

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It is not just North Sea cod – other fish stocks are healthy too!

Following on from The Guardian article on 8 April 2015 (see link at the end of article), which reports on the remarkable recovery of North Sea cod stocks, it is worth remembering that a large number of other fish stocks around our coasts are also in a healthy state and being fish sustainably. But first [...]

Innovative Scottish fishing industry observer scheme delivers net benefits

A joint Scottish fishing industry /Marine Scotland initiative that helps ensure fisheries management decisions are based upon informed advice is set to undergo a major expansion in the amount of data collected and used. There will be a significant increase this year in the quantity of fish catch information collected by the Scottish Fishermen's Federation  [...]

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Why the UK needs to protect our deep-sea fishing sector

Writing in The Guardian on 21 January, Professor Alex Rogers at the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford outlines why he thinks deep-sea trawling should be banned. He goes into a variety of reasons including the need to protect cold-water corals, sponge fields and unique underwater habits and species. He says that deep-sea [...]

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