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Key Contact:  Executive Officer
Simon Collins
Shetland Seafood Centre,
Stewart Building,

Tel: (01595) 693197
Fax: (01595) 694429


Chairman: Leslie Tait


The SFA promotes the interests of its members at all levels of government. It is actively involved in fisheries policy and management discussions in Shetland, at the Edinburgh and Westminster parliaments and within the European Union. The Association's diverse membership is reflected in a committee structure that represents pelagic, whitefish and small boats interests. Association policy is determined by an annually-elected Executive Committee. As well as providing political representation, the Association operates a group life assurance scheme on behalf of its membership.

The SFA is also closely involved in fishing training and marine research through its links with NAFC Marine Centre, which is part of UHI.

Latest News

4 May 2016

The following article by Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, appeared in The Scotsman on 4 May 2016

Fishing is so very important to Scotland and one of our country’s greatest renewable natural resources. When the oil and gas has gone, we will still have fish in the sea and a fundamental keystone in ensuring our nation’s food security plus a sound pillar to underpin economic growth.

Fishing for the Truth

Fishing for the Truth