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Key Contact: Secretary
Fiona Matheson
4 Ferry Terminal Building
Kirkwall Pier
KW15 1HU

Tel: (01856) 871818
Mob: 07725 039183
Fax: (01856) 871919


Brief history:

Orkney Fisheries Association was established in 1972 when a number of fishermen, merchants and processors initiated the organisation in the face of the threat of joining Europe. The name was chosen to try and provide a unified group across the industry and some merchants and processors have remained members to the present day.

Initially the association was run on a part-time basis with the secretary ship passing to the Council's Development Officer in 1973 and remaining in that office until 1997 when a full time office was instituted. Part of the work has involved the re-establishment of the Orkney Training Association and the formation of an Orkney P.O. The Association is presently in the process of setting up an organisation to supply fuel to the inshore fleet.

Membership covers vessels in the whitefish, prawn, scallop and creel sectors and until recently there was also pelagic interests. This means that Orkney Fisheries Association is engaged in a wide range of activities to provide a service and representation for its members in the various sectors. It has been the policy of Orkney Fisheries Association that there should be an Orkney voice at all important discussions and the office-bearers and secretary endeavour to be present at most industry meetings and seminars. To compliment this we rejoined the SFF in mid 1999 to promote the Orkney view and enlist the wider representation offered by the Federation.

Joint Chairmen:  Tommy Tulloch, Sean Dennison, Martin Foulis,

Latest News

3rd September 2015

Commenting on the statistics published today (3 September) by Scotland’s Chief Statistician that the overall quayside value of sea fish and shellfish landed by Scottish vessels in 2014 increased by 18 per cent in real terms from 2013 and the volume by 31 per cent, Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, said:

“These statistics highlight the importance of fishing to the Scottish economy and its crucial role in supporting fragile coastal communities.

Fishing for the Truth

Fishing for the Truth