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Press Releases

28 Mar 2014

The following article by Bertie Armstrong, chief executive, Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, was published in The Buchan’s Observer’s annual Fishing Review for 2014. In it, he warns that if the forthcoming discards ban is implemented badly, it could spell the demise of traditional family owned fishing vessels.

There is no business quite like fishing, and as each year passes, the challenges facing our crucial sector seem to gather pace with frightening speed.

27 Mar 2014

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) will be attending tomorrow’s (28 March) Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference in Perth where it will be highlighting initiatives to support this crucial sector of the fishing industry.

With creel vessels representing an important element of the SFF’s constituent association membership, the Federation will be promoting its participation in the ACRUNET* initiative to support the brown crab sector.

26 Mar 2014

In a development likely to attract huge interest, Scottish skippers attending the forthcoming Skipper Expo Int. Aberdeen 2014 will be able to collect free Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) from the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) stand.

24 Mar 2014

The successful conclusion last week of a five-day course on Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) at the Scottish Maritime Academy (SMA) has underlined the enthusiasm of fishermen to enhance their skills knowledge.

This is the view of Derek Cardno, Safety Officer for the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF), who says the positive feedback from the nine fishermen who attended the Seafish funded course has emphasised the importance of further training in personal development and career progression.

21 Mar 2014

The Shetland seafood sector has produced a superb video on the importance of the industry to the islands.

The video puts the local seafood industry in the spotlight and highlights its social and economic impact upon the islands.

Click here to see the video.

14 Mar 2014

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation hosted the latest meeting of the ACRUNET (Atlantic Crab Resource Users Network) project in Edinburgh, March 11 & 12, where President Alan Coghill welcomed the partners, including Catchers, Processors, Scientists, Development Agencies and other trade bodies from England, France, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland and Spain. He reminded delegates of the very different place the brown crab industry was in when this transnational initiative began in September 2008 with an invitation from the Scottish Lobster and Crab Group to crabber colleagues in Britain and Ireland to discuss the dire economic condition of the industry at that time.  In 2014 the situation may have improved but the need for ACRUNET has not diminished and it continues with an overall aim  of improving the economic viability of the Brown Crab industry.

13 Mar 2014

The completion last night (12 March) of negotiations between the EU and Norway on North Sea fish allocations for 2014 has brought to an end months of uncertainty over catching opportunities for Scottish fishermen.

A three-party agreement between the EU, Norway and Faroes over mackerel provided the catalyst for the agreement to be quickly signed off last night, enabling Scottish fishermen to gain access into Norwegian waters with immediate effect.

13 Mar 2014

It was a mixed bag of news for Scotland’s fishermen following the signing tonight (13 March) of an EU/Faroes agreement on swaps of fish and access arrangement to each other’s waters. 

For whitefish fishermen, it means that for the first time in four years Scottish boats will now be able to fish within Faroese waters. Access had been denied in recent years because of the mackerel dispute with the Faroese, but this issue was resolved yesterday (12 March) after protracted negotiations.

12 Mar 2014

A trilateral agreement between the EU, Norway and the Faroes on mackerel share allocations for the north-east Atlantic have been agreed at talks in London that concluded this evening (12 March).

Whilst Iceland - the other main player - will not form part of this particular agreement, the door has been left open for them to join in the future once their internal issues with Greenland over mackerel are resolved. This new three-party agreement between the EU, Norway and the Faroes is seen as a significant breakthrough.

10 Mar 2014

The failure to reach an agreement on mackerel, and then on quota shares for the North Sea at the EU/Norway negotiations last week,  has placed the Scottish fishing industry under a cloud of considerable uncertainty, says the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation.


Latest News

28th August 2016

Researchers at the University of Glasgow and Marine Scotland Science published a study (27 August) on the impact of deep-sea trawling at depths of 600m or more.

According to the researchers in the study 'A Scientific Basis for Regulating Deep-Sea Fishing by Depth', results from the research suggest there are conservation benefits to limiting deep-sea trawling down to depths of 600m and not any deeper.

Fishing for the Truth

Fishing for the Truth